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Kerrilyn Garma

Kerrilyn Garma has been a video and TV producer, director and manager for longer than she’s willing to say, unless you have a compelling reason to know.  That said, Kerrilyn’s LinkedIn Page tells her story. You’ll soon see that she’s done it all!

Pat Workman has been a Television Production Manager for a long time, but as she likes to point out, not as long as has Kerrilyn.  They’ve worked together for years and are as a happy as two squirrels in a nest of nuts to be doing so again at Tell A Story Media.  You can find out some details about Pat’s work life on Pat’s LinkedIn Page.


If the name sounds familar, it’s because Joe Garma is Kerrilyn’s brother, and if pressed, she’ll admit it. Kerr begrudgingly let’s Joe help clients with online marketing, sales and content creation, because he’s really good at it.  So he says. You can find some details about Joe’s work like on his LinkedIn Page.